"FDA Approves Afrezza for Diabetes Control at Mealtime"

New inhaled insulin treatment gets FDA approval for mealtime blood sugar control

(dailyRx News) The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a new medication to improve blood sugar control in adults with diabetes.

The new medication is called Afrezza (insulin human) Inhalation Powder. Afrezza is a rapid-acting inhaled insulin used at the start of each meal or within 20 minutes of beginning a meal.

Insulin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps to manage blood sugar levels. In people with diabetes, the body either does not produce insulin (type 1 diabetes) or does not respond properly to insulin (type 2 diabetes). Blood sugar can rise to potentially harmful levels in these patients, especially after eating a meal.

Afrezza, and other fast-acting insulins, are used to correct high blood sugar during meals and snacks.

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