About Us


Our mission is a promise to our members to represent their interests, support their growth and enable them to provide superior patient satisfaction. A member-owned and operated cooperative of independent community and retail specialty pharmacies, CARE offers a full range of programs and services designed to meet the dynamic needs of the independent owner-operator. Our mission underlies everything we do to create unparalleled value for our members.

The secret to CARE’s success lies within its unique operating model, which enables CARE members to take full advantage of the logistical and operational efficiencies of a chain while maintaining their uniqueness as an independent owner operator. CARE Pharmacies has built a strong foundation with over 130 locations in 23 states, including Washington DC. CARE Pharmacies has been one of the fastest growing drug chains in the United States and Canada over the last 10 years. CARE has been named a ‘Hot 100” retailer 8 out of the last 9 years, as well as Regional Drug Chain of the year in 2021 by Chain Drug Review. CARE is in the process of expanding into new regions by attracting some of the most successful owner operators in community pharmacy. For more than 60 years, the CARE brand has become synonymous with quality, respect and superior service.

The History of CARE

The company was founded in 1960 when a group of like-minded community pharmacists decided to work collaboratively to leverage their collective size and clinical expertise. The group called themselves Circle Drug and it would take nearly four decades for the CARE Pharmacies that we know today to emerge.

Board of Directors

Michael Wysong

Chief Executive Officer

Dean Gruber

Altscript Specialty Pharmacy and Owl Specialty Pharmacy
Chairman of the Board

Mark T. Jensen

Founder of Bowie & Jensen, LLC
Vice Chairman of the Board

Michael Cantrell

VP Pharmacy Network Development, ATEB

Avani Sheth

Giannotto's Pharmacy
Board Member

Adonis Ducre

Chief Operating Officer - Local Health
Board Member

Jeffery Dunn

Senior Vice President VRx
Board Member

Christopher Helmrath

Founder of SC&H Capital
Board Member

Christine Lee-Wilson

Professional Pharmacy
Board Member

Chris Antypas

Perigon Pharmacy
Board Member

Lionel Phillips

President of Inside Edge Consulting Group
Board Member

Michael Kim

Grubbs Pharmacy
Board Member

CARE Staff

Michael Wysong

Chief Executive Officer
Office: 443-763-3987
Cell: 571-282-7828
Fax:  866-682-7861

Chance McConnell

Director of Programs and Services
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Kimberly Smith

Accounting Associate
Office: 410-412-3946
Cell: 301-351-1377
Fax:  866-893-5099
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Dolores Bobrosky

Director of Managed Care
Office: 443-763-5815
Cell: 443-942-4639
Fax:  866-658-7870
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Jake Olson

Director of Business Coaching & Support Services
Cell: 414-881-1317
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Wafaa Berrady

Senior Vice President of Finance and Customer Support
Office: 443-763-4371
Cell: 703-200-5308
Fax:  866-682-7654
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Erin Dougherty

Administrative Assistant
Office: 443-763-4048
Cell: 1-866-227-3797
Fax:  1-877-208-4020
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