Maryland SB952 MAC Legislation Update

UPDATE on Maryland SB 952 MAC Legislation

CARE Members, Maryland Pharmacists, Technicians, and Pharmacy Owners are needed to show support of proposed MAC Legislation

Maryland SB 952 has been re-referred to the House Health and Government Operations Committee.  

The hearing is set for Tuesday, April 1, 2014 



Delegate Peter A. Hammen, Chair

Delegate Shane E. Pendergrass, Vice Chair

Room 240, House Office Building, Annapolis, MD 21401-1991(410-841-3770 | 301-858-3770 )

Anyone wishing to testify for committee briefings or bill hearings must sign the witness sheet no later than 15 minutes prior to the hearing. Oral testimony will be limited to 3 minutes per person. People wishing to testify are encouraged to testify in panels. If you would like to submit written testimony for a briefing or bill hearing, please submit 35 copies to the committee staff no later than one hour prior to the hearing. The briefing topic or bill number must be clearly indicated on the written testimony. Any late testimony will be distributed at a later date. The order that the bills are listed on the hearing schedule is not necessarily the order in which they will be heard. The Chairman will announce the bill order at the beginning of the hearing. Bills coming from Rules or Cross-filed bills from the Senate will be Sponsor-Only testimony.

The Proposed Legislation

Senate Bill 952 (Cross filed HB 0793)
Sponsored by Senator John C. Astle
Pharmacy Benefit Managers – Pharmacy Contracts – Payments

Download PDF:  

SB 952 Third Reading  Approved by Senate 3/17/14

SB 952 Amendments

SB 952 Fiscal and Policy Notes

Requiring a pharmacy benefits manager to include, in each contract with a contracted pharmacy, the sources used to determine maximum allowable cost pricing; requiring the pharmacy benefits manager to update its pricing information with a specified frequency and provide a means by which contracted pharmacies may review pricing updates in a specified format; etc.