"Certain Bacteria May Target Pregnant Women, Harm Fetus"

H Influenzae seemed to target pregnant women and brings high risk of miscarriage

(dailyRx News) Pregnant women are prone to morning sickness, fluid retention and even thinning hair. But new research suggests they are also more prone to developing a certain infection that can cause problems for their unborn child.

British researchers found that pregnant women had a greater risk for an infection with bacteria known as invasive unencapsulated Haemophilus influenzae (H. influenzae) than women who were not pregnant. Many of the women who were infected miscarried.

H. influenzae is a bacterial infection that typically causes upper respiratory infections in young children and the elderly. There are different forms of the bacteria. The unencapsulated H. influenzae is more common than the other types and is the one most often associated with pregnancy.

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