PANTHERx Rare Pharmacy

24 Summit Park Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15275

Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm

In 2011, out of only a garage, PANTHERx embarked on a quest to reinvent specialty, revolutionize pharmacy, and redefine care. Traditional specialty pharmacy was fraught with obstacles and limitations in delivering truly special services for its customers. To make an impact, it was necessary to disrupt the current model and create a unique one.

Over an eight-year period, new orphan drug policies and advances in rare disease science set the stage for PANTHERx to forge a new path and become a pharmacy focused on the needs of patients with rare, orphan, and devastating diseases. Our business model evolved so that we were able to identify, define, and develop a RxARECARE™ program, reshaping specialty pharmacy: PANTHERx RARE.

Today, PANTHERx is the nation’s leading rare disease pharmacy. Our growth has been fueled by innovation, technology, and exceeding expectations for all our patients and partners. PANTHERx is truly a unicorn in the healthcare marketplace.

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