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Chantilly, VA

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In today’s market, most commercially available drugs are manufactured in bulk by pharmaceutical companies that target large segments of patients. When a patient has a specific medical condition that cannot be treated by a commercially available drug, you are faced with a challenge as a prescriber.

Pharmacy compounding is a time-honored tradition which allows a pharmacist to provide a very personalized medication to a patient with individual needs when mass produced drugs fall short. We are here to offer you and your patients to offer a new and innovative avenue towards a solution when options seem scarce.

Licensed pharmacists carefully prepare compounded medications in a safe and highly regulated facility. Compounding pharmacists are the only healthcare professionals that are well trained in chemical stabilities and compatibilities and are skilled in offering alternate dosage forms. When your patient requires a customized medication, we will work with you, hand in hand, to bring the novel value of compounding to your patients – because they need it for a reason.

Compounding Services

  • Capsule/tablet size of a commercially available drug is too large to swallow
  • Individualized strengths are required
  • Preservative free formulations are required
  • Palatable flavors and dosage forms to increase patient compliance
  • Combining multiple medications into one preparation to increase patient compliance
  • Drug shortage or discontinuation of a commercially available drug
  • Avoid unwanted systemic side effects of oral administration
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