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At Prosperity Specialty Pharmacy, our patients are the top priority.

Prosperity Specialty Pharmacy focuses on medications needed for complicated disease states.  Our team of experienced pharmacists and technicians specialize in may areas including:


When you are trying to have a baby, it is a very personal, often challenging journey. You need compassionate care and confidence in your healthcare team. We are sensitive to your needs, understand your infertility treatment, and know your doctors and nurses. Our team of compassionate pharmacists and certified technicians provide unparalleled expertise to assist you through the entire process.


Our team of clinical professionals focus on the unique needs of cancer patients and their health-care providers to help our patients manage their therapy and live active, fulfilling, and productive lives. Our pharmacists have clinical expertise in oncology and understand the difficulties patients may face in dealing with their therapy.


The complexity of newer medications and biotechnology drugs has created a need for special services, making the pharmacy aspect of care a much more integral part of the total care of patients to ensure better outcomes. Our GI team understands and helps patients navigate through their therapy and are dedicated to those struggling with chronic health conditions.

More and more people have unique health needs that mass-produced prescription medicines cannot meet. For them, customized, compounded medications prescribed by their physicians and expertly mixed by trained, licensed compounding pharmacists are a viable alternative.

Prosperity Specialty Pharmacy also focuses on the treatment of many other disease states such as HIV/AIDS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, MS,Transplants, Anemia, and more. Our pharmacists are available any time of the day or night, to answer your questions and to help you through your treatment challenges.

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