25th Annual NACDS Foundation Dinner Raises Nearly $1.3 Million for Patient Care Initiatives

In its special 25th Anniversary year, the always-inspiring NACDS Foundation Dinner made a major move to the 2023 NACDS Total Store Expo, expanding its reach and its ability to support public health initiatives. Supporters and attendees of the Dinner raised nearly $1.3 million, which will help support evidence-based research, pharmacy education and philanthropic initiatives to improve patient outcomes and advance population health. The event was held on August 12 in San Diego, CA.
Twenty-three-time Olympic gold medalist and mental health advocate Michael Phelps headlined this year’s event.
NACDS President and CEO and NACDS Foundation Chairman Steven C. Anderson kicked off the evening, saying: “This year’s Dinner celebrates 25 years of the NACDS Foundation’s healthcare innovation. This innovation is reaching communities all over the country, from rural Pennsylvania to the coasts of California and everywhere in between … Your dedication to cutting-edge patient care and healthcare transformation is what fuels our efforts.
“What makes tonight’s celebration of 25 years even more special is that we are kicking off a new and exciting tradition together. By hosting this spectacular event at the NACDS Total Store Expo, the Foundation is building on its success – while remaining agile in our efforts to propel this research, philanthropic and charitable organization forward.”
NACDS Foundation President Sara Roszak and NACDS Chair Mike Wysong, chief executive officer of CARE Pharmacies, also delivered remarks.
Wysong said, “The NACDS Foundation is not only supporting innovative research to address the major health issues of ‘today.’ They are also building a pipeline of patient-focused leaders and researchers, to continue making strides in healthcare for generations to come, and to address the health challenges of ‘tomorrow’…
“The NACDS Foundation – along with each of you and your member companies – is leading a necessary pivot toward innovation in healthcare and wellness. Thank you for being here tonight, for your unwavering support, and for joining the NACDS Foundation in this exciting journey toward innovations in patient care.”
Roszak said, “Tonight, we are taking another step toward greater collaboration. For the first time, we proudly welcome our academic partners at this event. We are joined by five esteemed California schools and colleges of pharmacy: Chapman University, Loma Linda University, the University of California San Diego, Touro University California and the University of Southern California.
“Together, we share a common dedication to the future of pharmacy education, health and wellness … Looking ahead, the NACDS Foundation remains committed to pushing the boundaries of better healthcare. With your incredible support, we are eager to see what remarkable achievements lie ahead.”