Chain Drug Review: CARE’s Shoheiber has passion for improving outcomes

Omar Shoheiber, managing partner of My Dr’s Pharmacy — a member of the CARE Pharmacies cooperative — has spent a significant part of his career in health outcomes research and in medical education, where most of the programs he ran attempted to impact health outcomes at the point of care.

“Our medical education programs were often funded by the pharmaceutical industry, and the target audience was providers (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc.) and patients/consumers. My current pharmacy career came due to my passion in creating processes and services that improve health outcomes,” he says.

He notes that Mike Wysong, the president of the chain, has been a tremendous support to helping them figure out how to bring value to every interaction they make. “Mike does a great job challenging us to think different and act different. He is very keen on helping us understand the challenges and opportunities so we can make the right decisions and never be afraid of failure.”

He says the pandemic was an opportunity to service the community and to demonstrate what pharmacists can do when or if they are given the opportunity. “As the pandemic evolved through its various phases we had to anticipate, prepare and offer the services that are needed at that moment. Our staff understood their role as frontline health care providers. They never hesitated to provide the services needed.”

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