Grubb’s Southeast Pharmacy and Mini Mart Ranked #65 in the 2020 IC100

CARE Pharmacies pharmacy, Grubb’s Southeast Pharmacy and Mini Mart were ranked #65 in the Inner City 100 award. We’re beyond proud of the amazing work that Grubb’s Southeast Pharmacy has been doing and the positive impact they are having on their community.

Since 1999, ICIC has identified and celebrated the 100 fastest-growing firms in under-resourced communities through the Inner City 100 (IC100) award, and we’re excited to announce the 2020 IC100 winners. These firms have been engines of job growth and a healthy, inclusive economy in these incredibly challenging times. They have also been actively engaged in strengthening their communities by donating their time and resources to local organizations and charities. From 2015 to 2019, these companies averaged 310% revenue growth and created 3,230 total jobs. Of the 100 winners, 51 are BIPOC-owned/led, and 42 are woman-owned/led, both of which are record high numbers. In light of the tremendous challenges faced by small businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are tremendously proud of our 2020 winners and look forward to seeing them go from strength to strength.

See the full article and IC100 list here.

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