Marc Isaacson, Owner of Village Green Apothecary Helping to Support Hard-hit Local Restaurants

Eat Local B2B Pledge: Businesses Supporting Local Restaurants

To help support hard-hit local restaurants in this difficult era of COVID-19, Marc Isaacson, owner of Village Green Apothecary in Bethesda, MD, has a plan – and he is hoping to inspire other businesses across the country to join him.

Isaacson will provide lunch, from a different locally owned and operated restaurant each day, for all of his employees for 2 weeks. Following that, he will continue bringing in lunch from a local restaurant once a week for 6 months – all to thank his dedicated staff, front-line workers who have continued to serve customers since the beginning of this pandemic, while at the same time giving much-needed support to local restaurants and to help spur the local economy by shopping local.

Isaacson is issuing a challenge to other businesses that have remained open and are in a position to participate. Businesses can take the pledge by signing up at the Eat Local B2B Pledge, ( and committing to bring breakfast, lunch or dinner into their workplace either:

  1. Once a week for 6 months
  2. Once a month for 6 months

Restaurants throughout the country are also encouraged to sign up to help build awareness of the movement to help it grow in their communities.