CARE Pharmacies and Leading Edge Pharms to Expand Access to CANNAVERA™ Products

CARE Pharmacies is pleased to announce a new partnership with Leading Edge Pharms, a biotechnology company developing novel cannabinoid therapies and innovative delivery platforms. Through this relationship, we aim to work together to help expand public access to CANNAVERA™ Topical Pain Relief products.

“CARE Pharmacies has been a trusted source of medications for over 60 years. Our new partnership with Leading Edge demonstrates our unwavering commitment to delivering better medicine to more people,” said Mark Ey, Vice President of Operations for CARE Pharmacies. “Leading Edge’s CANNAVERA™ Topical Pain Relief series can be an effective and natural first step in pain management. We are proud to offer these products to our member pharmacies, which can significantly improve the quality of life of those managing chronic pain.”

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