McKesson ideaShare 2018 – SynerGx Generics – Exclusive offer

CARE group customers attending ideaShare 2018 will be eligible to earn a 3% rebate (subject to a $20,000 cap) on SynerGx purchases made between August–December 2018.

The 3% rebate will be paid on SynerGx volume in excess of baseline SynerGx purchases.  A one-time baseline will be established in July based on prior 3-month SynerGx sales (April-June) by customer account number. This offer only applies to CARE customer accounts in attendance of ideaShare 2018 and excludes purchases by any new pharmacies opened or acquired by the customer after June 2018.

Offer applies to CARE members attending ideaShare 2018.  Click here to register for McKesson ideaShare 2018.