CUSTOMER ALERT: 10/16 Fraudulent Recall Activity: Diabetic Test Strips

We have recently become aware of an industry-wide issue regarding the fraudulent recall of diabetic test strips.

Some of our customers have received calls from perpetrators impersonating McKesson employees claiming there is a major recall of diabetic test strips, such as One Touch or Freestyle, asking how many boxes they have in their store and that they will be sending a driver to pick them up. The perpetrators are using spoofed phone lines and are impersonating McKesson employees during this process. These people are smart, persistent, and have just enough information to imply credibility and status as a McKesson employee.

We are asking you to be aware of this issue and alert us if you are suspicious of any activity associated with this issue.

What You Should Watch For:

  • Customers are receiving fraudulent calls from people posing as McKesson employees stating that there is a recall of diabetic test strips. The perpetrators will ask for your fax number to send information and instructions regarding this “recall”, ask you to box all the test strips you have in your store, and a driver will be sent to your store to pick up the “recalled” test strips. This may include pickup by a reputable courier such as FedEx, UPS, or a freight forwarder. As of the issuance date of this alert 10/12/16, there is NO recall of any diabetic test strips, this is a scam.

What You Should Do:

  1. Educate your staff to these fraudulent activities.
  2. Be alert and suspicious on any calls regarding recalls of diabetic test strips.
  3. If you receive a suspicious call, try to obtain as much information as possible including the person’s name, position, and location. Also ask for their phone number to return their call, which is typically a deterrent.
  4. Report any calls or faxes you believe to be fraudulent to your McKesson representative.

We are taking this issue very seriously.

While this fraudulent activity is not isolated to McKesson, it does impact you as our customer. Therefore, we are committed to doing all that we can to bring a stop to this issue. We appreciate your partnership and we remain vigilant and committed to working toward a resolution to this unfortunate issue.


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