PRS Pharmacy Services Updates HIPAATrack Program Regarding Data Encryption

A message from PRS Pharmacy Services:

We have made updates to ComplianceTrack policy and procedure programs along with a website update based on requests and feedback from our members. This email is focused specifically on a recent update to our HIPAATrack program regarding Data Encryption. Please see the information below on this and other updates.

The policy and procedure updates include:

HIPAATrack update on 9/2/2015 [if purchased]

  • We have added Policy and Procedure: Data Encryption.  With the increase in overall electronic attacks on our health care networks, small providers are becoming vulnerable to the potential breach of PHI.  At this time, it is important to review your electronic systems/software/files that contain PHI to ensure they are encrypted or other security measures are in place.  For most pharmacies and small providers, this will just require that you contact your software vendor (Pharmacy Management System, Practice Management System and/or EMR/EHR Systems).  This update goes into effect on 11/1/2015.
  • In the near future, we will be releasing an updated Risk Analysis and Management Plan. This updated Plan is designed to better reflect the current security environment and help you to comprehensively review your security processes (including identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities). Once this is released, you will receive a notification with an effective date for the updated Plan.

ImmuTrack update on 9/10/2015 [if purchased]

  • We have added a supplemental resource (mentioned in a previous update email): A Pharmacy Based Immunization Program. This provides guidance on developing a specialized pharmacy-based immunization program. This simple and straightforward guide highlights three key areas pharmacies may elect to specialize in for immunizations: School and University Students, Senior Citizens, and International Travelers. We include links to resources from the CDC for each of these areas, marketing tips and general facts that can be presented to patients and employers in your area.

This update does NOT require retraining of employees or any change to the employee training modules on our site. Any employees involved in these processes should just be apprised of the new/added information. 

The website updates include:

My Links Tab (New)

  • This NEW tab allows members to maintain a comprehensive list of frequently used websites and pharmacy/facility resources to access from any computer. This page now provides a place where you can enter any web address to store in  your online catalog of favorites and resources (for example: industry news pages or wholesaler websites). Log in to your Compliance Track account to access this new feature.

Remember that for any programs you have purchased, simply purchasing the program does not make you compliant with the associated regulation, laws and/or requirements. You must go through each program (using each program’s Compliance Guide) to review and implement the policies and procedures. Employees must then also complete any necessary training.

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In addition, don’t forget that we are here to help you with PBM-related questions. Please feel free to send us any PBM (or other organization) audit documentation, credentialing and enrollment requirement paperwork. We can review the paperwork and work with you on any questions.


Thank you

The PRS Team