PQA Releases EPIQ Program

PQA is excited to announce the release of the EPIQ program, a resource developed by PQA that is used to train practicing pharmacists, professional stakeholders, and pharmacy students in measuring, improving, and reporting quality of care in pharmacy practice.

EPIQ features 26 complimentary online modules with corresponding training videos, which serve as a source of continuing education (CE) credit for pharmacists. Session materials may also be downloaded for live CE use or professional development training. In addition, EPIQ materials are available for pharmacy faculty and students as a turnkey, 26 session course which can either be utilized in its entirety as a full semester course, or separated into individual sessions to be integrated into an existing class. Each session for download contains a lecture PowerPoint, instructor guide, interactive activity set, and assessment questions.

EPIQ delves into three major areas of health care quality: quality improvement, medication safety and error reduction, and quality measurement. Example session titles include “Quality and the Future of Health Care,” “Recognizing and Defining Quality Problems,” and “Star Measures and Payment Incentives.”

For more details: http://pqaalliance.org/academic/epiq_registration.asp?st=999

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