"Higher Risk Breast Cancer in African-American Women"

Breast cancer in African American women associated with higher risk genomic profiles

(dailyRx News) Breast cancer is less common in African-American women, but death from breast cancer is higher. The reasons may lie in the types of breast cancer African-American women develop.

Breast cancer tumors are usually tested for different proteins, including hormone receptors and a tumor growth factor called HER2. Tumors that lack the three proteins are more common in African-American women and are harder to treat effectively. But this testing may not be enough to help doctors understand which cancers carry a high risk of returning.

A research team looked deeper, studying the genes and molecules in the breast cancer tumor cells of African-American women. These researchers found that the breast cancer in African-American women was more likely to contain genes and other molecules that put their tumors at a high risk of returning than non-African American women.

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