"FDA Eases Fears of Ban on Wood-Aged Cheese"

FDA clarifies position on using wood shelving in artisanal cheesemaking

(dailyRx News) Reports that the Food and Drug Administration was banning the use of wooden boards to age cheese sent shockwaves through the artisanal cheesemaking industry. But the FDA is claiming it has not called for any such ban.

Earlier this week, news organizations around the US reported that the FDA would no longer allow cheesemakers to age their cheese on wooden boards out of concern that the practice would spread foodborne illness.

The FDA has refuted those reports, stating, “To be clear, we have not and are not prohibiting or banning the long-standing practice of using wood shelving in artisanal cheese.”

The FDA added that a recent food safety law — called the Food Safety Modernization Act — does not ban the practice either.

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