"Vitamin D Levels Linked to Pre-Eclampsia Status"

Low levels of vitamin D shown to be significant factor in developing severe preeclamsia

Vitamin D, known mostly for its effect on bone health, is also an important factor in maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Preeclampsia leads to about 18 percent of all maternal deaths in the United States. However, in a recent study, mothers with a vitamin D sufficiency were 40 percent less likely to develop the severe form of the condition.

The two main sources of vitamin D are; naturally, absorbed through the skin from sunlight, or through oral ingestion of foods. Pregnancy is also a known risk factor for vitamin D deficiency.

The researchers suggested that further exploration into the role of vitamin D in reducing the risk of preeclampsia is warranted. They cautioned that women should not automatically take vitamin D supplements during pregnancy as a result of these findings.

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