We can “compound” or make specialty medications for BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY for both MEN and WOMEN, TOPICAL PAIN PREPARATIONS, DERMATOLOGICAL MEDICATIONS, medication for the PEDIATRIC population, and more.  

    We can also compound medications for your pet. We have expertise in compounding medications for Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, and more. We carry special flavors for your pet’s needs. We will work with you and your vet to create a formulation which will make your pet’s drug therapy more manageable and cost effective.

   We understand that “one size” doe not always fit all when it comes to medications. Compounding allows us to work with your health care provider to make medications into dosage forms not available from commercial manufacturers as well as to make potencies of medications not commercially available. HDR_20120328-6770H-121We can improve flavoring of many pediatric liquid medications. We can create liquid medications from solid dosage forms so that your child may more easily take the medication prescribed by you child’s physician.  We can create medications that are free from certain Dyes, Preservatives, or Fillers that you or a family member may be allergic to. We have experience compounding Nasal Sprays, Suppositories, Vaginal Inserts, Capsules, Suspensions, Solutions, Topical Creams & Lotions, and more…. Feel free to call the Pharmacy and ask for a Pharmacist to answer any questions you may have regarding your medication needs.

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