NACDS Members Operating in VA – Proposed Pharmacy Practice Rules

To:     NACDS Members Operating in Virginia

Re:     VA- Proposed rule on Practice of Pharmacy

Effective – Fast track processing: September 26, 2013

Comments to NACDS by:       September 4, 2013  

Comments due to Board by:   September 11, 2013.

 Jill McCormack [

The Board of Pharmacy has issued proposed rules regarding the practice of pharmacy.

Please send us your comments on those that apply to retail pharmacy by September 4, 2013

18 VAC 110-20-20

  • Deletes one time fees that were for renewals between 12-31-09 and 4-30-10 as they are no longer applicable


18 VAC 110-20-40

  • Accommodates verification of practical experience for pharmacy interns coming from other states.


18 VAC 110-20-105

  • Eliminates the requirement for pharmacy technicians to submit documentation of continuing education to renew registration and instead allows them to attest that they have completed their required CE for license renewal


18 VAC 110-20-270

  • Allows for more than one pharmacist to be involved in verifying the accuracy of a prescription and clarifies documentation required for each involvement.


18 VAC 110-20-420

  • Revises the requirement for labeling individual drug drawers in hospitals and long term care facilities to require labeling in a manner to identify the patient and location without violating health privacy laws.


18 VAC 110-20-425

  • Allows for current technology that uses compliance packaging instead of a unit dose dispensing system in hospitals or long-term care facilities.
  • Allows pharmacies providing services to long term care or to a hospital to use a robotic pharmacy system that dispenses drugs in bar-coded unit doses or compliance packaging


18 VAC 110-20-710

  • Eliminates the requirement for an alarm system for teaching institutions that only stock Schedule IV drugs. 
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