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“Is Your Teen Getting Enough Sleep?”

Too little sleep among teens may increase their risk of health problems

(dailyRx News) Not getting enough sleep can have serious effects on physical and mental health. This is particularly true for teens, whose bodies and minds are still developing.

Not getting enough sleep can interfere with teens’ emotional well-being and how frequently they choose to take risks. Yet a recent study found that teens are not getting enough sleep, especially black teens and males.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that teens get eight to nine hours of sleep each night.

The teens in this study, however, were getting an average of six to seven hours of sleep each night.

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“One Quarter of Middle-Aged Women Unhappy with Sleep Quality”

Sleep disturbances linked to poor health related quality of life in middle aged women

(dailyRx News) Previous studies have found that middle-aged women have more sleep issues than middle-aged men. However, it’s not clear why this is.

A recent study found that approximately one in four middle-aged mothers were not satisfied with their quality of sleep.

The researchers determined that frequently disturbed sleep was associated with having a low health-related quality of life.

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“Poor Sleep Quality And Mental Health Are Predictors of Insomnia”

Risk factors associated with persistent insomnia were poor sleep quality and low mental health quality of life

(dailyRx News) Many people have insomnia symptoms from time to time, but who’s at risk for persistent insomnia? That’s a question researchers recently set out to answer.

These researchers found that poor sleep quality and poor mental health were the strongest risk factors associated with having persistent insomnia.

The researchers discovered that people with insomnia at the beginning of the study were most likely to have experienced it throughout the whole study.

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